How to install software to use your robot

This section contains instructions about installing software needed to setup, run and program your MARRtino robot.

MARRtino system software versions

Latest version

Ubuntu 20.04 / docker Ubuntu 18.04 ROS melodic

v4.2 (20/2/2021): docker, ROS_melodic, packages updates

MARRtino Virtual Application and Raspberry image

Pre-installed software

MARRtino Virtual Application (Virtual Machine)

  • Install Oracle VirtualBox and Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

  • Download the Oracle virtual application
    Ubuntu 20.04 / docker, ROS melodic
    MARRtino 4.2 (7 GB)
    (OS user: marrtino, password: marrtino,
    docker user: robot, password: robot)

  • From Oracle VirtualBox, import MARRtino virtual application (Import appliance)

  • Run MARRtino virtual application and enjoy it!

For additional instructions check also here.

To change the keyboard layout: select Menu / Preferences / Keyboard, open the Layouts tab and set your layout.

Raspberry Pi image (all models)

  • Image file with docker images for Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B+/ 4
    marrtino-raspi_4.2.img.xz 3.2 GB
    (OS user: marrtino, password: marrtino, docker user: robot, password: robot)

  • Flash this image to your SD card (use any tool, for example balenaEtcher).

  • Boot and connect to MARRtino wireless network (default password: hellorobot!)

  • Open a browser to the URL and follow links and instructions there.

Network configuration for Raspberry Pi

Network configuration instructions are in MARRtino Network Configuration

Software updates

Software updates for VM and Raspberry

The following instructions are valid both for the VM and for the Raspberry on the robot.

Updates need Internet connection. For the Raspberry, make sure it is connected to Internet either with an Ethernet cable to devices configured for automatic DHCP or through USB tethering of a mobile phone connected to Internet. To test internet connection on the Raspberry, after ssh connection, try the command ping and read results about the connection.

There are two kinds of updates available: 1) system updates include adding or updating libraries or source code that require to rebuild some application, 2) marrtino_apps updates include only scripts and configuration files (no rebuilding). System updates may be long, marrtino_apps updates are very short and they are usually included in system updates.

Web interface

Use the Config web interface:


Shell interface

1. System update

Open a terminal (for Raspberry connect with ssh marrtino@

Linux amd64 (laptop or virtual machine) / Linux arm64 (Raspberry 3 or 4)

cd bin


2. marrtino_apps update

Option 1: Use the button marrtino_apps Update in the Config web page

Option 2: Open a terminal (for Raspberry connect via ssh) and type the commands

cd src/marrtino_apps

git pull

Additional Software packages


Manual installation

Manual installation (for expert users)