Build the robot

How to build your robot

Video-tutorial how to build MARRtino robot

(subtitles in Italian)

NOTE: If you have new MARRtino Motor Board 2019 (see below), connections for motors and sonars is simplified as shown in the images below. In this case, please skip instructions in the video and refer to the figures below.

The next sections contain information about electric connections:

  • Motor Encoders -> Arduino control board

  • Motor control -> Motor shield

  • Power switch (mammoth)

  • Sonar

Motor Encoders -> Arduino control board

Motor encoders must be connected to Arduino Control Board as specified below.

Note: these connections are not needed for MARRtino Motor shield 2019

Motors (encoders) - Arduino Control Board

Left Motor yellow - pin 52

Left Motor white - pin 53

Left Motor blue - +5V

Left Motor green - GND

Right Motor yellow - pin 50

Right Motor white - pin 51

Right Motor blue - +5V

Right Motor green - GND

Motor control -> Motor shield

Four Motor shields models are supported:

1. MARRtino Motor Board 2019

2. Velleman PKA03

3. Arduino Motor Board

4. L298N

The first 3 can be mounted directly on the Arduino board.

1. MARRtino Motor shield 2019

2. Velleman PKA03

Motors (control and power) - PKA03

Left Motor red - pin A1
Left Motor black - pin A2
Right Motor black - pin B4
Right Motor red - pin B3
Motor shield IN - Power Switch (red + / black -)

3. Arduino Motor shield

Motors (control and power) - Arduino Motor Board

Left Motor red - pin A+

Left Motor black - pin A-

Right Motor red - pin B+

Right Motor black - pin B-

Motor shield IN - Power Switch (red + / black -)

4. L298N Motor shield

L298N Motor Board - Motors (control and power)

L298N In1 - PWM pin 2
L298N In2 - PWM pin 3
L298N In3 - PWM pin 4
L298N In4 - PWM pin 5
L298N Out1 - Left Motor black
L298N Out2 - Left Motor red
L298N Out3 - Right Motor black
L298N Out4 - Right Motor red

L298N In - Battery (red + / black -)
L298N GND - Control board GND

Power switch (mammoth)

Connections between electric mammoth and MARRtino devices.

If voltage display has three wires, connect the black one to ground and the other two wires together as shown in the image.


1. MARRtino Motor shield 2019

Connect the 4 sonar wires to the board with Ground on the bottom side as shown in the figure below.

The position of the sonars should be: 1 front, 2 right, 3 back, 4 left.

2. Other boards

Connect sonar wires to Arduino board through the breadboard, as shown in the figure.