Quick Setup

How to quickly setup your robot after building


This section contains information about how to setup your MARRtino robot.

You need to install the Software (system version 4.2) before executing this step.

VERY IMPORTANT: The following operations must be done with robot wheels lifted from the ground (IT COULD MOVE!!!)

1. Configuration file

Connect to Raspberry ssh marrtino@

Set values according to the configuration of your robot.

nano ~/system_config.yaml


nginx: off | on


stage: off | on


motorboard: off | arduino | ln298 | pka03 | marrtino2019

4wd: off | on

joystick: off | on

laser: off | hokuyo | rplidar

camera: off | usbcam | astra | xtion


navigation: off | on

vision: off | on

speech: off | on

mapping: off | on

social: off | on

Build and restart the docker containers


2. Upload firmware

Make sure the Arduino board is connected to the Raspberry and that robot node is not running.

Option 1. Using the config web interface -

Connect to the robot, press button Firmware Flash - Wait 30 seconds ...
press button
Firmware Update Params - Wait 30 seconds ...

Option 2. Using a terminal

Connect to the Raspberry with ssh and type these commands

cd ~/src/marrtino_apps/config


./uploadfirmwareparams.bash <arduino | ln298 | pka03 | marrtino2019>

Check settings with web interface

Start Web config Orazio Web interface Quit Web config

3. Reboot the Raspberry

Use the web interface or type

sudo reboot

Advanced configuration

Advanced manual configuration (for expert users)